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Reference No : 15433350
State Government Live
Location : Div - Daman And Diu
Supply Of Workshop Laboratory Equipment’S Of Governemnt Polytechnic, Diu. - Caliper Out Side Spring 6”/15Cm., Caliper Inside Spring 6”/15Cm, Center Punch 4”/10Cms, Prick Punch 6”/15Cms, Safety Goggles Used For Machine Shop, Granite Surface Plate 12” X 12” 30Cm X 30 Cm ., Standard, V Block 3” X ½” Pair With Clamps 100/7-80 A, Isi 2949 – 1964 Standard, Drill Twist Straight Shank 1/8” ½” X 1/64”, Drill Twist Mores Taper ½” X 3/4” X 1/16”, Drill Twist Metric 2Mm To 7 Mm X 1Mm, Drill Straight Shank Letter Gauge Sizes A To Z, With Gauges, Working Bench 6’ X 2.5’ X 2.5”, Bench Vice 5”, Taps And Dies Complete Set In Box B.A, Bsf,, Bsw American And Metric, ¼” To 1”, Can Oil ½ Pt Standard, Micro Meter Outside 0-1”, Micro Meter Inside 2-8”, Micro Meter Metric 0-25Mm, Micro Meter Inside 50-200Mm, Venire Caliper 12”, Combination Set 12”, Scrapper ½ Round 10” – 25Mm Flat / ½ Round /, Triangular, Bevel Protractor, Allen Keys 1 / 16” To ½ X 1-32, Pipe Wrench Steel Son Pattern 18” Long, Pliers Combination 8” / 20 Cm Taparia, /Equivalent Make, Marking Table 3’ X 2’ 3’ High, Philips Head Screw Driver Set, Double Ended Spanner Set Of Seven Whit Wroth, Size From 1 X 8“ X 3/16” To ½ X 9/16”, Double Ended Spanner Set Of Seven A – F Size, From 3/8” X 7/16” To 15 X 16” X1”, Double Ended Spanner Set Of Metric Size From 8 X, 9 To 20 X 22, Double Offset Double Ended Ring Spanner Set Of 7, With Size From 1/8” X 3/16” To ½ X 9/16”, Filler Gauge 0.0005 To 0.25”, Radius Gauge External And Internal 0.5 To 25 Ml, Pipe Cutter 3 Wheel Type 3” Pipe Standard Make, Pipe Dia Set Complete With Dia Stock And Bushing, For Pipes From 1/8” To 1” Diameter, Pipe Vice 3” / 75Mm, Hammersmith 4 Lbs With Handle, Apron, Setting Hammer 2 Kg. With Handle, Drilling Machine To Drill Up To ½” Dia, Grinding Machine Pendestal Grinder With Wheel, Dial 200 Mm Course Fine Grinding Wheel, Machine Vice 4”, Anvil 2.5, Anvil Stand, Poker Standard, Hardies 6” Standard, Tool Maker Buttons 6 X 25Mm X 1Mm, Pipe Wrench Stilson Pattern 25” Long, Spirit Level 8” / 20 Cm C.I. & Aluminum, Tube Flaring Equipment ¼” X ½”, Fire Extinguisher & Fire Bucket With Stand, Everyday /Equivalent Make, 1.Mechanical Foam Type 9 Ltr, 2.D. C.P. Type 5Kg, 3.Water Based C.E.P. 5 Kg, Safety Goggles Used For Welding And Machine, Shop, Hand Gloves Pair Chrome Leather 16” Or 12” Or 14”, Apron Leather 36 X 24” With, Hand Screen Fiber Glass With Filter Glass, Head Screen Fiber Glass With Flexible Band And, Filter Glass T, Welding Goggles With Filter Glass 4 A Or 6A Dia, 50Mm X 3Mm Thick, Wire Brush Steel, Spark Liter E82b, Safety Boots 8, 9, 10 Nos., Flat Tongs 16” Long, Tip Cleaner Standard, Heavy Duty Shaping Machine, V-Belt Driven, Complete With Motor And, Electrical., Length Of Ram : 1245Mm, Working Stroke : 610Mm, Range Of Speed : 12-24-48-72, Motor : 2 Hps, Pillar Type Drilling Machine, V-Belt Driven With, Motor & Electrical ;, 1. Drilling Capacity 1” Size, 2. Drilling, Capacity ½ “Size, Gas Welding Set Comprising Of Oxygen And, Acetylene Cylinder, Regulators And Accessories, Grease Pressure Gun Hand 25Mm Bore, Monkey Wrench 15” Length Gedore / Equivalent, Make, Pin Spanner 1” To 3” Dia Gedore / Equivalent, Make
Submission Date : 27 Mar, 2019
Tender Value : NA