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Reference No : 14226616
Karad - Maharashtra
Tender Value : NA
Reference No : 14206930
Alappuzha - Kerala
Tender Value : 80.32 Lacs
Reference No : 14197385
Alappuzha - Kerala
Tender Value : 80.32 Lacs
Reference No : 14167503
Leh Ladakh - Jammu And Kashmir
Tender Value : 15.00 Lacs
State Government Live
Procurement Of Library Books And Lab Equipments- Chefing Dishes Acrelysic Stands Water Jugs Plates Full Plates Spoons Forks Frills Table Cloths Ap Knives Tean Spoon Chopping Boards Red Chopping Board Green Chopping Boards Blue Chopping Boards White Rolling Pins Mixer/Grinder/Juicer Sauce Pan Fry Pan Wok Kadhai Tawa Ladel Small Ladel Medium Bowls Bowls Service Ladels For Chaffing Dishes Spices Containers Wooden Spoons Pepper Mill Bakery Moulds Biscuit Cutters Cake Stand Oiling Brush Scrapper Ice Cream Scooper Sieve Glasses High Ball Fuels Fuel Tin Water Goblets `Chef Knife Paring Knife Parisienne Scoop Pealer Strainer Colander Meat Mallet Pressure Cooker Digchi Lagan Perforated Spoon Seekh Stock Pot Soup Tourine Soup Laddle Steel Mugs Cooking Gas Stove Small Washing Machine 40 Kg Iron & Iron Board Cleaning Agents R Series All Vaccum Cleaner Caddy Mops Sets Dusters Chicken Wire Foam Oasis Setling Clay Clue Gun Adhesive Tape Housekeeping Trolly Double Bed With Bedding Set Double Bed Sheet Pillow Pillow Cover Coushin Bed Cover Runner Sign Boards Reception Desk Wall Clocks World Time Tea Sets Butter Knife Fish Knife Dessert Spoon Dessert Fork Butter Dish Cruet Sets Bud Vase Ashtry Cloth Napkins Salvers Plastic Room Service Trolley With Electric Heating Cabinet Room Sevice Tray Plastic Water Goblets Red Wine Glasses White Wine Glasses Champagne Glasses Wine Chiller Shotters Cocktail Glasses Cocktail Shaker Shaker Strainer Hawthorn Parfait Spoon Ice Machine Juicer/Mixer/Grinder For Bar Decanter Old Fashioned Glasses Small Stirrer Caddy For Garnishes Caddy For Salt & Caster Suger Tongs Ice Buckets Wine Opener Side Board For Restaurant Food Production Operations Food Service And Nutrition Theory Of Cookery International Cuisine Hotel House Keeping : Operation And Management First Aid Manual Hotel Engineering Textbook Of F&B Service Check In And Check Out Napkin Folding Hygiene And Sanitation Interior Design And Decoration Hotel Maintenance Creating Flower Display Textbook Of Hotel Communication Textbook Of Food And Baverage
Submission Date : 25 Sep, 2018
Reference No : 14170357
New Delhi - Delhi
Tender Value : 30.00 Lacs
Reference No : 14151561
Bhopal - Madhya Pradesh
Tender Value : 9.80 Crore
Reference No : 14153421
Jabalpur - Madhya Pradesh
Tender Value : 2.50 Crore
Corporations/Associations/Others Live
Submission Date : 24 Sep, 2018